The Humanity

Poetry is something which I’ve been tempted into recently by a few of my writer friends from the website The Next Big Writer. It is something I never thought I would try but it is such a challenge I’ve grown to really enjoy it. What you are about to read is something I entered into an unofficial contest called the Hard Suck Bad Poetry Contest on The Next Big Writer. I think I hit a home run. Enjoy and try not to cry. LOL

Echoes echoing through soggy air
Sun glaring off of borrowed hair
The jiggle of arm fat
Wading through a sea of humanity

The mingling of body odor
On an overcrowded subway car
In July
Moonlight brightening the day

Toe jam dreams
Floating on the cesspool of life
Like geese on an algae-ridden pond
Odorificness abounds amongst the trees
Surrounding a mountain of rotting diapers

Never to be seen again
Never ever again

The end


2 Responses to “The Humanity”

  1. The next big writer, huh…sounds like a good website. One I should check out. 😉 Actually, until I joined, I never wrote poetry either.

    And the poem, it’s your style exactly. Bravo.


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