From the Beginning

Before you begin a journey into the mind of someone who actually knows what goes into the making of scrapple and still eats it, a little background is necessary. In order to completely understand and appreciate the forthcoming concepts and philosophies of this piece of forward-thinking retrospective literature, you first need to understand how my view on life was molded. Not molded like a piece of clay on a potter’s wheel. Rather, molded like a slice of damp bread in a dark pantry.

From the beginning of our journey through life, some of the first people who heavily influence our development into who we become are our friends. Sure, your parents are the first to have a hand in your lifetime of learning. But how many of you can tell me you actually remember the first haircut. The one inflicted upon you, along with the accompanying bloody ear, by your father when you were two years old? If not for the 8mm film, I wouldn’t. What you probably do remember from your preschool days is the kid from the neighborhood you first met during an apple fight.

I’ve made it a point of my life to annoy, hound and harass as many of my past friends and acquaintances as possible…from my best friend in high school to my current dental hygienist. My motives are sometimes self-serving. But at some point in my life all of these people helped to shape who I am and who I’d like to become. Unfortunately, most of my friends don’t share my drive to stay in touch. If I didn’t call them, I would never hear from most of them again. You all know who you are! Most of this, I like to think, stems from the fact they’re busy with their own lives and families and not due to the fact they never liked me in the first place.

I’ve managed to keep in touch with quite a few people from several eras of my life through a daily literary vehicle called “Wiggy’s Words of Wisdom” or WWoW for short. This thought provoking scourge of my friends is actually the basis of my current intellectual endeavor.

WWoW actually began on October 4, 2004 as a humorous and entertaining way to ensure I keep in touch with as many of my friends as possible via e-mail. Since that time its circulation has expanded to friends living in such cities as Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Kansas City and New York and has gone international to London and Afghanistan. It consists of daily workday humor, philosophical commentary and observations by yours truly.

Through coming posts you’ll see why I’ve been described as “Ain’t quite right” by many of my friends. That should tell you something…


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